At any given time, there are 3-7% of your prospects out there that are ready to buy what you offer.  That’s great news!

Sort of.

Most organizations do a great job of going after new business that is ready to buy at that moment.  But, what about the other 93-97%?!  What are you doing to build your relationship or recall with them?

Drip Marketing or Lead Nurturing helps you to communicate with your prospects that are not ready to buy right now, but likely will soon.  This ties in directly with the idea of understanding the buying process and journey your prospects go through.  By delivering messages and content to your prospects and customers on a regular basis and at the appropriate times in the process dramatically increases your likelihood of converting that prospect into a customer.

These campaigns, when developed and implemented properly will help transition your organization from batch and blast campaigns and “random acts of marketing” to having a steady, sustainable process for moving prospects through your sales funnel.

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