Inbound Marketing / Digital Marketing

The Internet has transformed business as we know it.

It is now a buyer directed model.  Consumers, both B2B and B2C are using the internet to research and establish value for the purchases of all sizes.  A basic, static website is no longer an option, it must be an online information source, with relevant, up to date information, that is found when people search for what you do, provide or create.

Inbound Marketing is the combination of several digital and offline marketing processes and tactics.  At the core is your website, which must be set up properly and capable of performing the necessary tasks and processes. The core of an effective Inbound strategy includes the following processes:

Content Marketing: Without content, inbound marketing is impossible.  Content is what will attract not only prospects to your site, but it’s also what the search engines will use to qualify your site for delivery when someone does a search query related to your offering.

Content can take many, many forms, including the copy on your individual pages, blog posts or online articles related to your product or industry, white papers, reports, videos, infographics, product or data sheets, images, etc..

Email Marketing: This is the same concept as discussed in Lead Nurturing and Drip Marketing, but here it is an integrated component of Inbound Marketing.

Social Media: Social media allows you to “fish where the fish are”. but that does not mean that you will be hanging out on Facebook trolling for leads.  Each social channel must be evaluated to determine of it is a good fit for your organization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Getting found when someone searches for what you offer is the basis for a large part of inbound marketing.  This can be done organically (SEO) or via paid placement (SEM) with pay per click or online advertising.  At the end of the day it all boils down to getting found when someone searches…  This is where keywords comes into play.

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