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The Buying Process has changed.

Are you finding it harder and harder to generate leads and enter them into your sales cycle?

Forrester Consulting recently released a study regarding buying behavior and how it relates to lead generation and marketing.  The key take away:

Buyer behavior becomes more unpredictable as customers trust advice from online sites, user-generated commentary, and expert strangers more than traditional media outlets and supplier communication.

The buying process has changed to a self-directed model, meaning that B2B buyers can use open resources (internet and social networks) to get information regarding their needs and solutions, to their “pain points”.

But how do you take then from being self-directed and transitiont them into your sales cycle / sales funnel?

That’s where Strategy Simple comes in.  We are specialists in B2B Lead Generation, and we understand complex sales.  Our goal is to help you improve your lead generation process (quickly) with best practice processes that you can manage on your own, or with our on-going services.

We take the time to learn about your sales challenges, your ideal customers, and then we actually roll up our sleeves and develop a lead generation strategy tailored specifically to your business.

Our tactics strategies, tactics and processes enable you to increase your sales and marketing effectiveness by focusing on higher probability targets, and helping them to find you at the same time.  Win rates increase, revenues grow, and profits take off.

To learn more about how Strategy Simple can work with your business, contact us today.