There is certainly a lot of hype about “content” and “content marketing” right now.  It seems like anywhere and everywhere you look, someone is saying “content is king!” or “content marketing is the only marketing…”.  That’s all fine and good, but what does that mean really?

To be very clear, when it come to having a presence on the internet or any kind of marketing effort, nothing is more important than content.  Why?  Content consists of words, pictures, graphics and videos.  Without content, your website, or any marketing and promotional material, would be just a blank page.

So simply, content is what you put on your website or in your marketing materials to get people interested in what you offer.  So it seems pretty logical that quality content is going to be critical to your success.  But there are 3 key considerations when it comes to content on your website, and how it can help you convert prospects into customers, and get your customers (or clients) to keep coming back.  These considerations when applied on a consistent basis come together and allow for content marketing.

So what exactly are these considerations?

  • Ideal Customer – Who or what is your ideal customer? Or, on a more general level, what is your target market?
  • Keywords – What words or phrases describe or explain what you do, make or offer?  And – what are people typing into their search queries as it relates to your offering.
  • Buying Process – What is the process your ideal customers or market goes through when it comes to buying or acquiring what you provide?

These three considerations are truly the keys to creating effective content for your site, or any of  your marketing efforts.  By identifying your ideal customer and / or your target market, you can focus the content to what they want, need or desire.  The keywords are what they will use to execute a search or what they will be attracted to when they read or see something about your offering.  And, in my opinion, the most important, what is the process or the “journey” they go through when buying your offering?  If you understand the process, and you can deliver the content that they need at each stage in that “journey” you will likely be the one they choose, or at least given the opportunity to compete for the business.

Content and content marketing is really not new, regardless of the hype.  But, and this is a big but… You must be present when they search (for prospects), or you must be communicating on a regular basis (for existing customers) to be considered.  And that all starts with content.

So, what does your “content” currently look like?  Is it conveying the message that you want, and is it relevant and interesting to your prospects and customers?  If the answer to those questions is not an affirmative “yes!” then you need to consider updating, revising or overhauling your content… If you don’t, and your competition does (or already has), what will the consequences be?