Local SEO Grand Rapids Marketing AgencyWhether it’s while traveling, commuting, exploring their neighborhood, or just attempting to recall the name of their local florist, consumers are using their mobile “Near Me” tools to help them identify local businesses. The question is, are you making the most of this opportunity to drive customers to your business?

Verify Your Information

The first and most critical step in making the most of the “Near Me” features available via mobile apps is to confirm that all of your information available to potential customers is correct and accurate. An easy way to do this is by searching your business through Google –from a mobile device. What do you see? This is exactly what your customers and potential customers see. If any information is inaccurate, incomplete or missing, clean it up.

Make It Attractive

Once customers have located your business and have the information they need to find you, they will need a better reason than just being close to get them in the door. This is especially true in high traffic or urban areas. Apps like Yelp and Foursquare allow businesses to advertise discounts and special deals for new customers. It is not uncommon for these offers to request that customers “check in” using various social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. This little tactic actually multiplies exposure of your business and increases your visibility within the market. Differentiating your business or offer to new prospects is truly key to leveraging the benefits of the “Near Me” feature.

Be Aware Of Your Reputation

When mobile users use the “Near Me Now” feature, they are delivered a lot of information, not just your address and phone number. A majority of mobile apps and search engines also provide users with reviews and ratings from other customers and clients. Being aware of your online reputation is vital in creating a positive reputation and image. Encourage your happy customers or clients to write reviews for your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for positive feedback and be sure to spread that feedback out over a variety of apps and sites. It’s best to consider both criticism and compliments.

Keywords Still Matter

Keywords are very important in optimizing for Near Me leads. Many of the leading location based search apps allow you to explore specialty services or deals within a location or proximity. Using relevant and related keywords throughout your website or across your pages is a best practice Internet marketing strategy that is utilized frequently.

Keywords that include your businesses location (city or well known neighborhood) can increase your Near Me leads. Headings and anchor text can also help to improve search engine ranking. Consider using phrases such as, “Best Happy Hour in Grand Rapids.” This provides your location as well as important phrases, attracting business for you as opposed to your competitors.

More and more people use location based mobile and social media apps to make decisions such as where to eat, which plumber to use, and many other service or product based choices. A few simple changes and enhancements to your existing web sites or on commonly used platforms like YELP! can help your business receive its fair share of new business driven by mobile users.