Value Matrix Strategy | USP / UVP DEVELOPMENT

What makes your product or service offering different from your competitors?

Before you answer, know that you cannot say: “Great Quality, Great Service or Competitive Pricing.  Why not?  Because that is EXACTLY what everyone else says, and those are no longer differentiators, they are basic qualifications for doing business.

Our proprietary Value Matrix Strategy methodology helps to truly define what your unique differentiators are and why your customers or clients buy from you.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It also helps define how you can best approach each market, and build use cases that can be used with your customers to show the value you can provide.

The Value Matrix Strategy is a half day retreat that is led by Rob Trube as your facilitator.  He does not have the answers, but he has a lot of the questions that will get you to the answers to get executive, sales, marketing and operations team alignment.

The retreat follows a proven 5 step methodology, and outcomes have consistently proven very successful.  The deliverable from this retreat is a powerful matrix of value messaging topics and a tactical roadmap of where you can best approach clients across the multiple industries or markets you sell too.