Revolutionizing Identity Resolution for Intent-Based Marketing

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In today’s digital landscape, truly understanding your audience is the cornerstone of impactful marketing. But truly identifying who’s behind every click, search, and tap? That’s the golden ticket. Enter: simple|AUDIENCE, Strategy Simple’s game-changing identity resolution tool.

Why simple|AUDIENCE?

While other tools might rely on one or two ways of identifying users, simple|AUDIENCE employs a powerful trifecta:

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IP Address Resolution:

With our cutting-edge IP address resolution, we can identify users with a precision that’s unmatched in the industry.

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Cookie Resolution:

Cookies have long been the go-to for tracking user behavior. We’ve taken this trusted method and optimized it for the modern era.


Mobile Address ID (MAID)

In our mobile-first world, MAID resolution is crucial. We harness the power of mobile data to identify users seamlessly across devices.

The simple|AUDIENCE Edge:

Our Proprietary Scoring Algorithm

Data is only as good as its interpretation. That’s why we’ve designed a proprietary scoring algorithm specifically for IP resolution. This algorithm sifts through masses of data, picking out the golden insights and creating what we call “search mates”. These search mates lead the industry in their precision, ensuring that your marketing efforts aren’t just widespread—they’re sharpshooter-accurate.

Through SRT (Search Resolution Technology) and big data analysis, simple|AUDIENCE is able to identify “who is searching for what”

Unique Intent<br />

More Than Just Names: Identifying True Intent

 It’s not just about knowing who’s on the other side of the screen. It’s about understanding their wants, their needs, their desires. With simple|AUDIENCE, we don’t just identify individuals—we reveal their search intent.

By understanding what users are truly searching for, you’re equipped to provide solutions before they even realize they need them. You can tailor your marketing strategies, making them not just personalized, but truly individualized.

The Power of Intent-Based Marketing

Imagine being able to engage with your audience not based on broad demographics or generic behaviors, but on their genuine, moment-to-moment intent. That’s the promise of intent-based marketing, and with simple|AUDIENCE, it’s a promise delivered.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: By understanding user intent, you can cater to their specific needs, driving up conversion rates.
  •  Improved ROI: Your marketing dollars are precious. Spend them on campaigns that truly resonate, thanks to our pinpoint targeting.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers today expect brands to understand them. Meet their expectations and more, by providing experiences that are hyper-relevant and genuinely engaging.

Discover, target, and engage like never before.

With Strategy Simple’s simple|AUDIENCE,

marketing just became a lot more intuitive…