The human mind is a powerful thing.  I saw this article on Yahoo games, and when I did it, the immediate reaction is “whoa!  That’s cool.”  But then I really stopped to think about it, it made me come to the realization that our mind really can put the pieces together, and create a visual reality without all the information, even if it is just for a second… If you focus on it.  Really focus on it.

Here is the link to the article – check it out, and then come back and read the rest…


The same is true for your business.  Be it your marketing, operations, whatever. 

Think of your mind, your business mind, as a business supercomputer – Your brain, (as a processor) your mind (as the program) and your knowledge and experiences (as the data).  You have the ability and capacity to get it to take all of the data available and assemble it into truly usable information and concepts.  Even when it doesn’t have all of the information, or it appears to the “naked eye” that it doesn’t have all the information.  Just like in the optical illusion….

You know what your business could or should “look” like.  You have all of the data for your mind to fully create that vision.  Just like in the optical illusions, you just have to focus on it… maybe a bit longer, and more intensely than is comfortable, but not to the point of being impossible, or undoable.

So how do you start?  How can you create the basis of the image that will be just like the negative image in the optical illusion? 

Create a plan for your business.  What is the vision you have for your business? What will it “look like” when all of the pieces are in place and working?  What will you focus on, like the three dots, to get it to happen? 

Focus is a powerful thing.  It can be the difference between looking at a negative, and enjoying the full color version.