So, this past week was a bit nutty for me.  My idea generation capabilities seems to be in overdrive, and I am executing on several of them (which is a good thing right…???).

But I had a chance to spend Saturday evening with some friends, and we started talking about what was different and why I was gaining so much traction and momentum.  And it dawned on me that I was truly open to new ideas.  I was not trying really hard to come up with any one of them, but I was open to every one of them.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a report that has been sitting on my hard drive that talks about this very thing.  I would like to share it with you.  100% free.  Nothing in return.

The report is called The Golden Key, and you can download it by clicking here ==>> The Golden Key

(right click, select “Save Target As…” and you can save it, or just click the link and your PDF viewer should open right up.)

I hope you enjoy it, and better yet, I hope you get an idea from it!

When it comes to  creating a simple business plan (<<== that’s a link to The Simple Focus Plan site) for what you want to do in your business, the idea of being open to new ideas really is critical.

So be open, find your key, and be successful